Expert Janissary Rush | Age of Empires 3 | Ottoman Vs Spanish | with commentary | Araucania

rrrr– visit and post for chances to win free art&apparelrrHow to do a Janissary Rush using the Ottomans in AOE 3. 1v1 Expert difficulty with commentary. ottoman vs Spanish. This tutorial also works on Hard . Recorded using FrapsrrStep by Step Intructions:r——————————- Age I ——————————r* Use explorer to reveal map/gather treasure/ find enemy TCr* TC …

Legends of Dawn Reborn [Gameplay, PC]

Legends of Dawn Reborn [Gameplay, PC] @ 1080p/60FPS no commentaryrrSteam: rLegends of Dawn Reborn invites players to the brutal northerly reaches of Narr. Survival depends on your magic, your sword, and your wits.rLegends of Dawn Reborn takes place in a world of Narr and events take place before those from Wave of Darkness released on …

ZION Gameplay (PC HD)

ZION Gameplay walkthrough part1.rrZ.I.O.N. PC Gameplay 60fps 1080p SteamrGame Genre: First Person Shooter, Adventure, IndierGame Platform: Windows (PC)rDeveloper: Vitaly GintsarrRelease Date: 7 May, 2016rr►PC Gameplay Playlist: r►Steam Early Access Playlist: r►Subscribe: rr►Z.I.O.N video game on steam: rSubscribe: rrZ.I.O.N. – First-person shooter in a post-apocalyptic setting, where robotic creatures take over the planet, and agents Z.I.O.N. …

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Kratos plays Legend of Legaia Part 37: It’s a trap!

AnalogStik – Onwards!

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