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Top 10 Best Winter 2017 Anime [HD]

Man it’s been forever since I last did a Top 10. I hope you guys can still enjoy them. I decided to quickly come back this week to cover the Winter Anime of 2017, maybe give you an idea on what to direct your attention in this season full of content. Monday I’m returning back …

Chibi Answers Random Questions Ep. 1 Is Their A Middle Ground?

Chibi answers some random questions.rrFollow me on Twitter at,rrI got a blog,rrI got a CafePress Store,rrI got the Questions hererrrTodays Questions and Answers.rrDo you prefer cats or dogs?rCatsrrWhat did you have for dinner last night?rChickenrrWould you rather lose an arm or a leg?rA leg, that way I can still play video games.rrWould you rather be …